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The Webmaster's Favourite Non Saturday Mornings Stuff

Ahh, so you've tripped across this page then? Here are some of the webmaster's favourite media clips that have nothing to do with Saturday Mornings, but are preserved here for posterity...

BBC Digital Widescreen Test Transmission

This is the full length version of the BBC's much admired Digital Widescreen Test Transmission film that was made in 1998.

This film was purposely shot to include all the sorts of images that digital encoders find difficult to handle well, such as moving water, swaying grass and slow cross-fades.

Although this film was broadcast extensively in the early days of digital broadcasting - it was pretty much a permanent fixture during 1999 on unused onDigital channels - it has only rarely been broadcast since, and for those instances it had its titles and credits cropped off.

It made an unexpected return for a short period being used on the BBC Red Button 3 channel on Friday 14 June 2013 with this particular recording made from Freesat channel 983 at around 19:00. The master copy of this was in the then standard 720 x 576 format as HD broadcasting was still many years away...
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Final BBC TWO 1991-2001 Ident - 'Paint'

BBC TWO introduced a new set of idents on 16 February 1991 and they ran, with a minor change for the new BBC corporate branding and the introduction of widescreen, until 19 November 2001.

The first ident to air from the new set was 'Paint' and it was joined by more than 30 other regulars over it's lifetime and 20 odd special idents.

Somewhat appropriately the final ident to be aired from the set some 10 years later was the same as the very first - 'Paint'.

In 2014 for BBC TWO's 50th anniversary, part of the ident set was brought back to 'temporarily' replace the 'Window on the World' ident scheme. So popular were they that in 2015 they were permanently reinstated as BBC TWO's idents 'for the foreseeable future'. Paint never returned in its original format but in September 2017 with the introduction of the new CBBC show 'Saturday Mash-Up!' a version re-coloured into CBBC's scheme was used. The related ident 'Paint Pot' was frequently used until the idents were retired for a second time on 27 September 2018.
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Thames Television Start Up Sequence

In the good old days before 24 hour broadcasting, all of the local ITV franchises used to broadcast a start-up sequence every morning.

Growing up on the edge of London, we were treated to two different sequences during the week. At the weekend we had LWT, but on Monday to Friday we had Thames.

The Thames start-up sequence features two pieces of music, the second of which is the highly recognisable 'Salute to Thames' written by Johnny Hawksworth. The voice belongs to Philip Elsmore, the best known of Thames' on-screen continuity announcers who had the honour of making the very first and very last announcements for the station.

Sadly, the unique local identity of the stations has been lost since the Granada/Carltonisation of ITV.
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