The Saturday Mornings Archive  
Over 190 items sorted into 15 sections - that's the Saturday Mornings Archive.

The archive started really by accident when we were gifted a whole load of items from Saturday morning history in the early days of the site.

Since then we've scoured the internet to find other items to add to the archive, and although it's getting harder to find things these days we still occasionally find something new.

The Saturday Mornings Archive is provided here for interest only, we cannot lend items or make copies of photos or videos to send out.

The Rare and Unique
Whereas most of the items in archive were made in their hundreds, there are a few items we have that are rare and in certain cases unique.

The Swap Shop Mug was a hand crafted over-size mug and there's not that many of them left around today. Probably more rare is exactly the same design of mug but with the Saturday Picture Show logo on it - we've only ever seen one!

You can't probably get a more unique item than the Saturday SuperStore Clock which graced the set for many years. It eventually ended up in the programme editor's office and eventually was passed onto us in 2003 - with the proviso that we never sell it or give it away.
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