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Saturday Mornings: Website Timewarp

Since Saturday Mornings was first launched on the unsuspecting web back in 2000 there have been several different version of the website.

The very first version that had a black background (although that didn't last very long), through the 'frames' era, the first PERL scripted version, and through to the PHP and MYSQL we use today.

We decided back in 2012 when the current version of the site was retired to keep an archive version on line, the same happened back in 2016 when that version was retired too (although it has to be said that one hasn't been one of our favourites..!)

These two have been joined by by copies of the 2000-2003 and 2006-2007 sites which we rediscovered recently when we fired up an old PC looking for some old files.

All four of these sites are still available today for your viewing pleasure, although as time passed things may not work anymore or be out of date.

Click on either of the site page images to visit that archived site.


Well this is one from the very early days of the site!

This particular copy is from 2003 when we still had frames in action (very much the fashion then) and shortly before the next version was about to go live (without the frames!)

All a bit basic at that time - even the Saturday Mornings logo was yet to make its first appearance!


The last of the pre-database versions was given its go on the web between 2006 and 2007.

This was very much a re-work of the previous version with mostly cosmetic changes to remove much of the fussy graphics that were a common style of websites of the time.


This version was developed in 2007 to accommodate some major changes needed to make the site much easier to update and develop. Following the 'It Started With... Swap Shop' co-operation we had with Unique Television for their BBC TWO programme the previous Christmas, the 'It Started...' sub site 'temporarily' kept the format of the previous version. However it still uses the same format today!

This was the last of the 'column menu' based sites that had been used since the second version of the site and played a major influence in the 2016 version's overall design.


We though we'd try something a little different for the 2012 revision, and work on this lasted well over 18 months thanks to a lot of things going on away from the site. This version was the first with a MYSQL database driving the content.

Although the scrolling menus were very much of the time, on the whole the site really never felt quite right or worked just the way we intended, although the animated publicity cards banner proved quite popular.

The current version of the site went live in 2016 on the 40th anniversary of Swap Shop. This version used the same basic engine to drive the site as the previous version but looked a lot more like the pre 2012 versions of the site.

The 'blocks' returned and we introduced the 'tabs' version, which looked a lot better and got rid of those temperamental scrolling menus.

This version of the site was intended to be the last redesign but as time has passed it became clear that something that was more easy to view on tablets and phones was really needed, so the 2022 refresh will bring fresh ideas but still maintain elements of the classic look.