TMi [2006 to 2009]
Be My Friend

For the second series of TMi each presenter tried to get show's viewers to support them as a 'friend'. This was done by signing up to the chosen presenter through the TMi Webspace.

Once registered, each viewer could only select one presenter a time and they could only change their chosen support between 9am and 9pm on Saturdays.

When the second series of TMi came to an end the total number of friends won by each of the team was as follows:

Caroline: 108,066
Sam: 73,338
Mark: 68,780

Caroline was subsequently crowed Queen of TMi

Below are the 'campaign posters', click on any of them to display a larger version.

Mobile Versions

Football Posters

Idiot Posters

High School Musical 2 Posters

Flacky Rotter Posters

Scooby Doo Posters

Too Much Information Street Posters

Freaky Posters

Doctor Who Posters