The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop [1976 to 1982]
Stills Gallery

It's Friday, quite possibly just before Crackerjack and there's been a promo for the following day's edition of Swap Swap.

This is the final shot from the promo - and should flood back into the memories of those old enough to remember it.

Here's Noel on the phone under the careful watch of Posh Paws.

And you can also see Fred sitting just beneath the clock.

The Swaporama - quite a wise move keeping Cheggers out on the road away from the studio!

As you can see from the picture, they were always very well attended - if not having a chaotic atmosphere!

Where else could you swap a football game to for a 6ft Wigwam!

The Top Ten swaps were always interesting - especially when the want was 'Anything to do with...'

The mystery man of Swap Shop was Eric. He was the 'man' who was up in the dark roof space and dropped down the clear plastic ball holding the correct entries to a competition.

Dropped is probably the right terminology - once the ball came detached from the chain and only narrowly missed hitting Noel.

Here's the one of the complete set of Publicity Cards from the show that you could get your hands on if you wrote in for a autograph.

I Wanna Be A Winner! Just a little Oscar Please....

Brown Sauce
were the spoof pop combo put together to provide the musical interlude for the fourth Swap Shop Star Awards.

The song co-written by Noel and B.A. Robertson became so popular it was released as a single and reached the dizzy heights of number 15.

More on the group can be found on their own page within the Swap Shop section.

After six magical year, its the end of the Swappie...

Keith presented Noel with the Swap Shop logo from the set on the last show.

You can see the video of this in the show's Media Gallery.