The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop [1976 to 1982]
Harry Copter - The Curious Collector

Harry Copter - The Curious Collector
Harry Copter - The Curious Collector
One of Swap Shop's more curious collectors appeared on the programme on 7th March 1981.

Harry Copter's appearance is fondly remembered by viewers mostly for the sheer madness of the idea!

Noel appeared to effectively interview himself in the role of Harry using a simple but very well planned split-screen effect.

You'll note that during the sequence that Noel and Harry interact with their dialogue so well that you really have to remind yourself that it really was done in two pieces! Noel has previously used the technique of recording one half of a sketch and playing the other half live during his Radio 1 Breakfast show (remember Flynn the milkman?) and also employed the technique more recently whilst in charge of the Radio 2 Drivetime show in 2003 where he talked to himself.

The picture to the left comes from Swap Shop Book 4 and you'll notice that Harry's appearance differs slightly from the show.

The full Collector's sequence from the show is available below.

Harry Copter's Collectors Spot

Here's the most unusual collector that Swap Shop ever featured - none other that Harry Copter.

This sequence comes from the 7 March 1981 edition where Noel meets Harry.
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