Saturday Mornings   
Content Usage Policy

We have invested a great deal of time (and occasionally some money) putting together the content for Saturday Mornings. Because of interest from other webmasters, we have a policy for those who would like to use some of our content on their own website.

Written Content
Our written content may not be copied and used by any other website.

We do not allow other sites to use our graphics. We have spent many years developing our site's style and therefore we do not consider it reasonable to allow another site to use part of our graphical look. We also do not encourage 'direct-linking' to any of our graphics to be included in other sites - our usage statistics will show if this is happening and a request will be made for any such link to be removed.

All of our media clips (audio and video) are in MP4 format and are not freely downloadable directly from the website as they are only intended to be viewed using our embedded media player.

Previously we provided 'Real' and 'Flash' format media clips, and although the Real format media continued to be available for download from our media server, as of October 2013 they have been removed. The Flash version of the media is still used by our archived sites and will continue to be available until further notice.

If you have a specific requirement for one of the clips that is hosted on Saturday Mornings, please contact the Webmaster with your request stating the reason that you want it for and he will take the decision whether to send you an MP4 version of the media. Please note that any media sent must continue to show the 'Saturday Mornings' sting at the front if it is subsequently posted on to another website.

If you have any comments on our policies, please contact the webmaster.