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Keith Chegwin: 1957-2017

Keith Chegwin died following a long illness on 11 December 2017, he was 60.

Following a career as a young actor appearing most famously in several Children's Film Foundation productions, Keith joined Swap Shop at the age of 19 and remained a key part of the BBC's Saturday morning output for the next 11 years.

You can read more on this BBC News page.

We've put together a small selection of Keith's appearances in our media content as way of a tribute.

Noel Catches Cheggers Out

One of the little tricks that Noel liked to pull on Cheggers was to cross over to him suddenly at the Swaparama early in the programme - and nearly always caught him out!
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Brown Sauce - I Want To Win An Award
Swap Shop Star Awards

Here is the complete Brown Sauce video from the 1981 Star Awards.

It comes complete with Noel's Introduction and Keith and Maggie's 'award acceptance'...
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Two Left Feet - An Appreciation?

From the Multi-Coloured Saturdays programme comes this appreciation of the wonderous Two Left Feet song that the SuperStore team did.

Wonderous indeed - wonderously bad!
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Keith and Thatcher in the Staffroom

Keith Chegwin was given a break from the delivery van this particular week, and had the dubious honour of interviewing the PM in the surrounds of the Staff Room. Crow was in attendance, but someone had the great idea to gag him!

This video is a clip from Multi-Coloured Saturdays where Keith reveals one of the more bizarre facts that he found out whilst interviewing the PM.
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