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  • Saturday Mornings is put together using just some of our spare time and we don't have enough of it to be able to answer questions about specific shows broadcast, nor can we provide footage of shows.
  • This site is not connected in any way with the BBC, the programmes featured or any of the presenters that have appeared on Saturday morning television. Please note that the BBC will not provide copies of programmes in their archives to the public, therefore we do not have any contact details that we can share.
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  • We cannot help to get anyone on television programmes.
  • We cannot supply, lend or copy any of the material that makes up this site, this includes items that appear in the Saturday Mornings Archive.
  • Please don't ask us to add any other BBC shows to the site (or any ITV shows either!), this site concentrates on the shows from 1976 to 2009 only!
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