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A Celebration BBC Saturday Morning Television from 1976 to 2009

This is Saturday Mornings
Hello, this is Saturday Mornings, our celebration of BBC Saturday morning television from 1976 to 2009

Since October 2000 we've been gathering information, media clips and items to try and make the most complete website of its kind.

Have a look around and see what memories are stirred, whether you're old enough (like us!) to remember Swap Shop or your childhood was defined by Dick and Dom there's something for everyone.

Not Just a Load of Video Clips...
At Saturday Mornings we've always tried to offer more than other sites by bringing you a whole lot more than just a load of video clips. Here's some of the things you can find... other than the video clips.

Saturday Mornings Plus is where we take a look at some parts of the shows in greater detail, but occasionally we do allow ourselves to wander slightly off subject.

The Saturday Mornings Archive has been built up over a period of many years as we trawl the internet and other places for items related to Saturday Morning television.

Publicity Cards - the signed photos - were issued by all programmes, so we've collected as many as we can - from Swap Shop to TMi we've got them all... almost.
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The Saturday Morning Story

Take a look at our unique Time Line to discover the story of BBC Saturday Morning television.

Gone but not Forgotten...
The last two Saturday Mornings websites served us well, so rather than remove them we've archived them.

To take a look back at the previous versions of Saturday Mornings click on one of the images to the left.

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